My Religious View

Religion according to me is re aligning or bringing people into the same league.
The word re-legion, itself means bringing something back into the same league.
Religion, caste and family structure has been designed to unite people by giving them the same direction of life and lifestyle for the benefit of humanity.
Religion is the meeting point of like minded people.

We human beings remain differentiated by birth according to our age, sex, colour, caste, profession, views, interest and a lot of other things. This sense of differentiation causes a lot of problems.
To sort out these differences, Religion has been created so that we can remain united as a single entity. This sense of unity is beneficial for human development and humanity.
But the presence of multiple religious entities again created differences amongst each other and created hatred amongst its followers.
Today there are a number of religions in the world and the oldest among these is Hinduism.
Hinduism is as old as human civilisation.
According to some estimate its time of origin dates back to 12000 years.
Christianity and Islam being the second and third oldest religion in this world.
But the followers of these different religions have made their religion exclusive and they are not open or inclusive to each other.
They use it to create war and hatred among each other, thereby defeating the very purpose for which these religions were created.
Followers of a particular religion hate the other religion.
This is not the feeling of the masses but certain group of people who want to take advantage and are benefited by this war and hatred. Due to their actions the whole society suffers.
These miscreants spread war and fear in the name of religion and get benefited by selling weapons or by abducting positions of power.
This misuse of religion should stop and religion should be used for the purpose for which was created.
Religion should be used to pacify mind, body and soul and for spreading peace and harmony in the society.
God is one and we are God particle so we should love and respect each other..



My point of view for happiness..All the yog guru says, be happy inside mind, soul and body..
There are many conditions in life and every one’s life, problem, happiness is different than other..
how one can be just happy ?State of mind comes with your surrounding as we are human being and doing day to day work we can ignore lil issues or things which are not empacting you or less impacting..

I will say fix the surrounding or ignore it, if its not much..

Mujhe khus rahna hai, ye decision aap ko lena hai aur phir uspe work karna hai all the way..on the mind,body,soul and the most important on surrunding, as you meet some faces all the time it can be family , friends, colleagues or your boss..

Who’s energy you are taking every day..So we need to fix this what ever possible from your end..

Avoid talking negative,bitching and criticizing any one…As no one is 100% perfect..In case not happening ,avoid the person and the situation…

Start Yoga , prayers and read..Also look at your self and appriciate your self looking at the mirror..

This is the best thing you can do for your self and others..

Yoga the Origin

Yoga or yog’ as it is called in Sanskrit means addition. It could be addition of anything, but here it refers to the addition of language of life. It means adding yourself to the totality to become complete. Through language we can add our self up or become one with the entire universe or the totality or God. To become one with God or to bring God into one’s body. This process of addition or yoga is performed through various means. Primarily through meditation or mentality we connect ourselves with the totality. The world which seems scattered and expanded can be summed up into a single body through the language of yoga.
It is an ancient Indian knowledge performed and practised through generations. In modern times yoga is being perceived as a form of exercise and body fitness activity. More so ever in the west it is being popularised as a form of physical exercise and body fitness regime.
But in essence yoga is being one with the universe. Conceptually through expansion of mind the entire universe can be contained in a single mind and body. It is this sense of oneness when the created becomes the creator and stays within his own creation.
That way we become a responsible being and feel responsible for our own actions.

Holidays in Monsoon


Weather is changing and so is the trend.

I am working with Make My Trip for the last five years and i can feel the change.

Previously, rainy season used to be an off season for the tourists and the travel industry, but not so anymore. Trends have changed over the past few years.

Now tourists are flocking to their favorite destinations during the monsoons to enjoy the rain and the nature.

A lot of places hotels and accomodation are pretty sold out at this time of the year too.

One of the reasons being the off season discount offered by the travel industry,which people want to avail off and the managable crowd, which in season time gets so high that it becomes tough to get a place in the hotels or the airlines and the rates are also at its peak.

Too much of crowd itself defeats the purpose of a holiday.

So, people nowadays take monsoon as an opportunity and make the best of it making it an ideal time of the year to go on holidays.

From my personal experience i can say this, as i have taken a lot of holidays in the monsoons only.

A little caution and preparation can make the rainy season a lot of fun.

Five major points to consider while holidaying in monsoons.

1. Choose lesser number of location visits at a time.

2. Wear comfortable clothes, shoes and accessories.

3. Carry raincoats, umbrellas and waterproof bagpacks.

4. Be selective about food and water, as rainy season is known for a rise in infection and diseases due to food.

5.Choose locations after taking an advise from holiday advisor or you can do your own research before heading to the locstion.

Low Budget Holiday and Rejoice to Soul

This year as summer vacation was going to end and my son’s school was about to open in
a week’s time, i decided to have a short break from work.
I was running tight on budget and could not afford a costly affair.
Last year, after i bought a flat, I was completely exhausted of money..
But I surely wanted to take a break and rejuvenate myself..
After sitting on The computer day in and day out at the same location.
The solution was a short budget outing which would not hurt our pockets.
My husband was not ready for any expenditure at this moment, but after much
persuasion we agreed on a nearby beach location.

Dahanu road beach which is just sixty kms from our house in naigaon
was decided upon.
One of our friends joined us with his family for the tour.
It would be a one night stay vacation.
We started early in the morning and took a local train to reach Dahanu road station.
We were all six of us.
Two couples and two children..
From Dahanu station we took an auto rickshaw to the nearby Bordi beach, which was about 18kms from the station.
This was may end time and summer temperature was at its peak.
But we could afford a Non AC rooms only for ourselves . We took shelter in Anand Resort, an econonomical beach property, a little Ill managed but otherwise a vast property with its own orchard and swimming pool. It’s huge garden area was surplus with mango and chikoo trees.
After checking in at the resort,
We took a tour of the whole garden area and then slipped into the swimming pool. It was such a comfort in the hot sun. The pool was all clean and cool.
My son who is five years old, was extremely delighted and we all enjoyed for a good two hours in the blue waters.
After our bath we had lunch at a nearby restaurant
which was the only restaurant nearby the resort but served homely and delicious food.
After a brief rest at our rooms in the afternoon we checked out the beach.
Bordi beach was clean and expansive..
Being a weekday, the beach as well as the hotels were sparsely populated which suited
to our taste, after coming out of a crowded Mumbai city.
My son had his life’s first camel ride at the Bordi beach and enjoyed it with his father.
There were some other games which our children enjoyed.
We were having fun on a budget and that’s what we were looking for.
We took a long stroll on the vast beach while our children played with the sand,
making sand castles and other things.
A refreshing and rejuvenating evening it was.
A peaceful natural beauty is so calming to our nerves that it brings down the tension and
stress we are so used to in the city.
We had our dinner at the same restaurant where we had our lunch.
After a good dinner and a quiet walk in the orchard we went to our bed.
Our children got so friendly and playful with each other that they had to be forced to go to bed.
Next morning we woke up early and visited the beach for capturing the sunrise.
A tea on the beach while looking at the sunrise.
It can be so soothing to the nerves.
At around 8 in the morning We came back to the resort and collected some ripe mangoes
and chikoo from the orchard.
Plucking fruits from an orchard is so special for us city dwellers as we are used to buying
our fruits and food from the market rather than collecting it right from the farm.

The fruits were all ripe and delicious. Moreover our children were enjoying the whole process of plucking and collecting so much.
After food delight, we dipped ourselves in the pool and played water volleyball with our children.

After around two hours of water sports and fun we came out, took a quick shower and packed our bags for checking out of the rooms.
On the way back we had a short visit to the beach
Where we had some beach food
and then an expansive lunch at Crazy crabs a local restaurant.
Here we tasted all kinds of beach food.
After a full belied lunch we boarded the local train for our way back home.
We came back home with a sense of winning and joy.
As we had got what we wanted.
Fun and relaxation on a budget.
I am looking forward to more such trips in the future which are inexpensive but give a lot of delight to our body and souls..

The Temple in the middle of nowhere!

The Temple in the middle of nowhere!

Monsoons in Mumbai, actually, the whole of Maharashtra is magical! It rains everyday and once you get used to traveling with a raincoat & umbrella… you just enjoy the showers, which come as they please and stay as long or short as they wish! So when a friend invited us for a group picnic trip to Lonavala, I was all game!

When the D-day arrived, I got up early, prepared my toddler son, packed some snacks and went to the meeting point. My friends with their spouses were already there. The mini bus which was supposed to ferry us was running late but that couldn’t dampen our spirits. My son was the only toddler in the group, the other kid being a friend’s 6 year old, sweet daughter who was in awe of my son. We were still excited about the trip when the bus finally arrived about an hour late!

We set out towards Lonavala having breakfast of Vada-Pav and Chai on the move… when it started drizzling lightly. The view on the way was breath-taking… hills and mountains of all shapes and sizes standing high in their lush green attire, covering their heads in grey-white scarves made of beautiful clouds! They were adorned by falls and rapids that looked like mystic jewellery made of flowing liquid silver.

After a journey of about 2 hours through tunnels and snake-like roads embracing the mountains we finally entered Lonavala where some formalities (paying some sort of a tourist toll) were completed. Overjoyed to have made it to our destination, we could hardly wait to dismount the vehicle and run out but alas disappointment awaited us! The roads were jammed with overflowing vehicles as it was a holiday and it seemed the whole of Mumbai decided to take a trip to Lonavala. The men got down to find out possible solutions. They returned with the bad news – we would have to walk about 2km – 3km to reach the view points as it was not possible for our bus to take us there anytime soon. With 2 kids and a lot of lazy picnic goers – we decided this was not possible!

So we asked our driver to keep driving… we left behind the main view-points of Lonavala and the scenery once again changed to resemble the ones we had witnessed earlier. As we moved a little ahead we realized it was well past lunch time and everybody was hungry. We alighted at a place called Kinara Dhaba. Once we were inside we rediscovered our excitement! It was a pretty place that was made up like a small village – complete with Bullock-carts, camels, hens, birds of different kinds and several types of sitting arrangements that emanated a real village ambience.

We selected a charpai set-up which had a huge round table in the middle. The whole group fitted in magically in the large set-up. The food was warm and tasty and the cocktails were befitting the drizzly day but what was absolutely lip-smacking was the jalebi with rabri. After multiple repeat-servings when we were absolutely full, we posed for group photographs and let the kids enjoy a brief camel ride! Soon we were back in the bus moving ahead in full speed towards nowhere.

After driving for about 15 minutes I saw the place… it was a cluster of small hillocks in multiple levels on top of which stood a small hill, the pinnacle of which was adorned by a small age-old temple. My heart skipped a beat – the whole setting was so picture perfect, it felt like a pop-out from a table-top calendar! I shouted… “I have found our picnic spot… look-out!”

After a small argument between the active members and the lazy ones, we stopped the bus and set out to trek to the temple in the middle of nowhere. It was windy and refreshing. The thick carpet of green grass topped by small white flowers was just perfect for our outing. May be it was the cocktail I had gulped or just my wanderlust… I lead the pack with my toddler on my hips. I climbed the first hill like it was a straight road… others followed, mainly worried for my son! Whatever the reason, once the trek was set in motion, people started enjoying the wind against their face. There were small rapids and streams which made the place look like a miniature film set! Cameras popped out of the bags and while I was breathing in the fresh wind, friends were taking photographs!

In no time, we reached the temple… although a little out-of-breath, the thrill was intact! Once on top, I turned back to an unexpected visual treat. The open sky formed a huge canopy under which lay small villages and roads – the view stretched 360 degrees making me realize how small we humans are in front of Mother Nature! Time for reflections was up soon as my friends joined me in the temple and we started taking photos. Soon it started raining heavily and the whole view changed to a complete white-wash. The whole group, including the kids stood in silent awe as we experienced enticing nature like never before… but the magic was soon over as the rain stopped and the pretty scenery was once again restored.

After spending a little more time playing games and running after crabs in the small streams that had formed after the rain, it was time to go back. But the trip had more in store for us… on the way back while we were driving downhill, our driver stopped at a point and we ventured out to a small stall where we had roasted corn, Masala Chai & Pakoda. After the evening snacks, we stepped out and peered at the scenery… far ahead stood the mountains embraced by small huts and houses… And I realized…. this is Lonavala… the real Lonavala – it looked like a doll-city which vanished suddenly when a curtain of silver clouds hijacked the visual and we went back to the bus for a cosy ride home!