A directed approach towards life

Life today is busy. Everybody is busy with their own lives and it’s development. It’s good also, as idle minds generally deviate towards nothingness or destructive activities.

Keeping the mind directed and focussed towards productive activities is very necessary. Development in any field is possible only through continuous effort in a particular direction.

Directionless approach leads to no achievement in life.

Efforts may not yield results at first. But one has to keep trying in the same direction.

Continuous effort in the same direction ultimately leads to results.

Directivity brings things into focus.

So keep you direction clear in your life to achieve success and happiness.

Nowadays, the social media is filled up with information on various fields. People get addicted and distracted by too much of information. Even kids are also getting affected by the social media.

It’s better to choose what information is wanted and what is not. Discretion is necessary.

Today the world prefers specialization. People want a focussed approach.

To much of information gathering you may become Jack of all trades and master of nothing.

So keep yourself focussed and directed and enjoy your life.


Drinking warm water in the morning is very helpful for our body

Ushapan (drinking warm water first thing in the morning).
According to Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old holistic healing system, drinking pure hot or warm water provides the simplest solution to many health issues such as
1. Migraine
2. High blood pressure
3. Low blood pressure
4. Pain of joints
5. Sudden increase and decrease of heartbeat
6. Epilepsy
7. Increasing level of cholesterol
8. Cough
9. Bodiny discomfort
10. Golu pain
11. Astnhma
12. Hooping cough
13. Blockage of veins
14. Disease related to Uterus & Urine
15. Stomach problems
16. Poor appetite
17. Also all diseases related to the eyes, ear & throat.
18. Headache


Get up early in the morning and drink approximately *2 glasses of warm water when the stomach is empty*. You may not be able to make 2 glasses at the beginning but slowly you will.

*DO NOT* eat anything 45mins after taking the water
The warm water therapy will resolve the health problems within reasonable period such as:-

✔ Diabetes in 30 days
✔ Blood pressure in 30 days
✔ Stomach problems in 10 days
✔ All types of Cancer in 9 months
✔ Blockage of veins in 6 months
✔ Poor appetite in 10 days
✔ Uterus and related diseases in 10 days
✔ Nose, Ear, and Throat problems in 10 days
✔ Women problems in 15 days
✔ Heart diseases in 30 days
✔ Headache/migraine in 3 days
✔ Cholesterol in 4 months
✔ Epilepsy and paralysis continuously in 9 months
✔ Asthma in 4 months

If cold water does not affect you at young age, it will harm you at *old age*.

* Cold water closes 4 veins of the heart and causes heart attack. Cold drinks are main reason for heart attack.

* It also creates problems in the liver. It makes fat stuck with liver. Most people waiting for liver transplant are victims of cold water drinking.

* Cold water affect internal walls of the stomach. It affects the large intestine and results in Cancer.

Best Stress buster

We are human being and sometime or the other everybody goes through some stress. So I want to share, what works for me when I am in stress.

  1. I go for a long walk.

  2. Look at the sky, sun, moon or the stars.

  3. Feel the nature, walk barefoot on the grass, soil or sand.

  4. Look at the greenery around you.

  5. Look at the poverty or people suffering around you and pray to god for them and feel obliged for what you have.

  6. Do some freehand exercise, yoga or meditation.

  7. Listen to some music you like.

  8. Try to do good to someone in need

Five points for savings I have learned from my experience

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Financial planning is very important in life. This I have learnt through my life experiences. I had been staying on rent in Mumbai for around ten years. Every year the rent used to go up and we were not allowed to continue in the same place for a long time. I had to keep hopping from place to place while staying on rent. There was no stability of location. Observing all this I decided to buy a flat of my own. But saving that much of an amount is not that easy for a normal  working class person.

I am into travel business. The kind of job I was doing was performance based and I had no fixed income. Some months I would be getting a good pay while some month I would not be paid at all.

So I decided  to do a financial planning for that. I understood  it will take a continuous effort for a long time to accumulate that amount. I started cutting down on budget and stopped all unnecessary expenses which I felt could be done without. Going out for lunch or dinner, visiting  a salon, recreational trips and certain other expenses were done away with. I stopped doing any heavy expense for my baby’s extra clothes or extra toys also. Sometimes I used to feel the pinch, I used to have cravings for spending out but I used to console myself, (why u want all the things right now, have patience dear heart, time will come, I am working for you only😀) I had to go on if I wanted to save for my future plans. I observed the amount which I am paying as rent can easily be converted into the instalment which I shall pay to the bank for my loan amount.And once the loan is complete the home will be mine and also there will be no threat of shifting  from one place to another with my school going son

Rent was the catch for me. Moreover the instalment  will not increase year after year as the rent will.

Seeing all this I started saving and after three years of continuous effort I could save an amount which I could give as down payment. Though the place I could buy would be far off in the suburbs,  but that was the best I could do at that point of time. Moreover if I don’t buy now at the given price, it will go further up in the future making it impossible to buy. Hence I decided to go on with the purchase. I went on a house hunting and after six months of running around I decided on a flat which I found suitable for me. Once I zeroed in on the flat and did the down payment,  the next thing was the bank loan which took around six months of running around as my work from home profile was a deterrent. Finally the loan was sanctioned and the amount paid.

Now I am staying at my own place and looking forward to a better future awaiting me.

Five points for savings I have learned from my experience

  1. Plan for the goal you want to achieve
  2. Make small fds whenever it’s possible as per the bank balance
  3.  Invest in the mutual fund
  4. Cut down on extra cost which is not disturbing your lifestyle
  5. Analyse and go for share market if you are very sure about the return in the time of requirement..Don’t invest much in case you have time bound (can be very good or vice versa…
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My Religious View

Religion according to me is re aligning or bringing people into the same league.
The word re-legion, itself means bringing something back into the same league.
Religion, caste and family structure has been designed to unite people by giving them the same direction of life and lifestyle for the benefit of humanity.
Religion is the meeting point of like minded people.

We human beings remain differentiated by birth according to our age, sex, colour, caste, profession, views, interest and a lot of other things. This sense of differentiation causes a lot of problems.
To sort out these differences, Religion has been created so that we can remain united as a single entity. This sense of unity is beneficial for human development and humanity.
But the presence of multiple religious entities again created differences amongst each other and created hatred amongst its followers.
Today there are a number of religions in the world and the oldest among these is Hinduism.
Hinduism is as old as human civilisation.
According to some estimate its time of origin dates back to 12000 years.
Christianity and Islam being the second and third oldest religion in this world.
But the followers of these different religions have made their religion exclusive and they are not open or inclusive to each other.
They use it to create war and hatred among each other, thereby defeating the very purpose for which these religions were created.
Followers of a particular religion hate the other religion.
This is not the feeling of the masses but certain group of people who want to take advantage and are benefited by this war and hatred. Due to their actions the whole society suffers.
These miscreants spread war and fear in the name of religion and get benefited by selling weapons or by abducting positions of power.
This misuse of religion should stop and religion should be used for the purpose for which was created.
Religion should be used to pacify mind, body and soul and for spreading peace and harmony in the society.
God is one and we are God particle so we should love and respect each other..

Peace for Soul


My point of view for happiness..All the yog guru says, be happy inside mind, soul and body..
There are many conditions in life and every one’s life, problem, happiness is different than other..
how one can be just happy ?State of mind comes with your surrounding as we are human being and doing day to day work we can ignore lil issues or things which are not empacting you or less impacting..

I will say fix the surrounding or ignore it, if its not much..

Mujhe khus rahna hai, ye decision aap ko lena hai aur phir uspe work karna hai all the way..on the mind,body,soul and the most important on surrunding, as you meet some faces all the time it can be family , friends, colleagues or your boss..

Who’s energy you are taking every day..So we need to fix this what ever possible from your end..

Avoid talking negative,bitching and criticizing any one…As no one is 100% perfect..In case not happening ,avoid the person and the situation…

Start Yoga , prayers and read..Also look at your self and appriciate your self looking at the mirror..

This is the best thing you can do for your self and others..